Dr. John T. Herrin

Top Professional of the Year 2018

A graduate of the University of Melbourne and board certified in Pediatrics, Dr. Herrin has been in practice for over five decades. Specializing in nephrology with a sub-specialty in pediatrics, Dr. Herrin is not only an expert in pediatric medicine, but on the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases as it relates to children and childhood diseases as well. Dr. Herrin has been described by his patients as kind, and knowledgeable; explaining to both the parents and patients the nature of the medical situation and effectively communicating with other medical care providers.

In addition to his private practice, Dr. Herrin is currently serving as the Director of Clinical Services Division in Nephrology at Boston Children’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, providing care for children from infancy through adolescence. In this position, Dr. Herrin also acts as a teacher and mentor to new doctors, ensuring that the level of care and knowledge that he has exemplified over his career continues into the next generation.