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Villanova, PA

Mr. Theodore W. Friend III has been announced as one of All Business Media FM’s Top 101 Professionals of 2017. Professionals selected for such an honor have been determined by factors such as lifetime and career accomplishments, prominence in their respective fields, and commitment to excellence.

A historian, novelist, and teacher, Mr. Friend has spent his professional career bettering those around him. Currently serving as President Emeritus of Eisenhower Fellowships, Mr. Friend makes it his mission to empower and connect leaders via a fellowship where the candidate connects with experts and senior officials from various backgrounds, including government, academia, and not-for profit. Mr. Friend also chairs the review panel for the Harry S Truman Scholarship foundation. Mr. Friend’s published works include Indonesian Destinies, Between Two Empires: The Ordeal of the Philippines, and The Blue-Eyed Enemy: Japan Against the West in Java and Luzon. In 1966, Mr. Friend was awarded the Bancroft Prize, an award given annually from Columbia University for books about diplomacy or the history of the Americas.

All Business Media FM congratulates Mr. Theodore W. Friend III on his career accomplishments and honors him with a place among the Top Professionals of 2017. As experts gather together and empower the minds all over the world, All Business Media FM is there to encourage individuals to be leading professionals and succeed. Be sure to visit where additional information can be found. For all media inquiries, please email

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