LeNae Goolsby

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LeNae Goolsby

LeNae Goolsby is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, Empowerment Coach & Public Speaker. She has been a featured Expert in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, MindBodyGreen.com and many others. Additionally, she is the Co-Founder of Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center, a boutique integrative medical practice focused on health optimization and longevity, with offices located in both New Orleans and Lake Charles, Louisiana. Visit www.YourInfiniteHealth.com for more information.

LeNae received her certificate from the Duke University Integrative Medicine Center Leadership Development Program, and her law degree from Tulane University Law School. And, somewhere between Tulane and Duke she completed her universal laws-centric life coaching studies and honed her intuitive abilities.

She is a co-author of the Amazon #1 Best-selling book, “Empower Your Life,” as well as the co-author of “Empowered Medicine – Harnessing the infinite laws of the universe for optimized health”

When she is not empowering women and men across the globe, or over-seeing the day-to-day operations of Infinite Health, LeNae is being doted on by her husband of 15 years, keeping up with the ever-evolving interests of her children affectionately known as IV, Huck & L-Belle, and getting more dog food for their four dogs.

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