Janis Agoddess Reed-03 02 18 Psychic

By March 6, 2018ARCHIVES


  • Janis says:

    Thank you. I do seem to come off pretty well.
    Keep thinking good thoughts about the next ones…..
    ~~ Janis Reed

    • Melissa says:

      Wow! This Lady is dynamic! She helped me outta some dark times. I highly recommend Janis Agoddess. She knew my life story (deep connection right away) explained very intimate details that only Spirit n I know. If one is seeking deep Spiritual healing n understanding seek out Janice.

  • Janet says:

    Janis is a remarkable human being. She may be better classified as a light being. She is in touch with Spirit and just knows things and “sees” things that others do not. I have personally experienced her healing touch and thoughts. I was broken in body and spirit and she was the one who rallied the forces of good to my side and I climbed out of that dark place. I will be forever grateful!

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