George W. (Whitney) Martin

By September 7, 2017TOP100

I was born in New York City and lived there for 65 years; now I live in an old folks community in Kennett Square, PA – “mushroom capital of the world.” I am content; but spiritually, I will die a New Yorker.

I practised law in New York for five years, 1954-59, quitting in order to write full time. I had hoped to support myself in the law while writing in the evenings, but my mind proved too small for two things at once. So I chose writing.

Beginning in 1960 my history is in my books published, sixteen written, fourteen published. I write on a variety of subjects, which experts in marketing tell me is poor “packaging.” But I think the variety gives a breadth and depth to my understanding of life and to the writing. Also, I write only on what interests me, which gives the books a strong dose of enthusiasm. Six are on operatic subjects, including a biography of the composer Verdi (trans. into Spanish and Chinese); the others are biographies of unusual people, outside the mould. Several are about lawyers and the law, and one is a massive history about Garibaldi and the nineteenth century Italian movement for unity and independence known as the Risorgimento.

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