Sheldon H. Elsen, Attorney of the Decade

By November 28, 2017TOP100


Sheldon H. Elsen

Attorney of the Decade

A graduate of Harvard Law School, Mr. Sheldon Elsen has become one of the leading experts in arbitrating and mediating complex commercial matters and international litigation both nationally and internationally. Specializing in complex commercial law, international law, and securities, Mr. Elsen has arbitrated cases worldwide, ranging from nuclear power industry dispute claims, contract disputes involving Asian, U.S. And Ear Eastern companies, numerous disputes involving lawyers and law firms whose issues included attorney fees, division of profits, and control of clients files. Over the course of his career, Mr. Elsen has arbitrated over 60 cases as a JAMS (Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services Inc) arbitrator, a hearing panel chair for the Appellate Division, First Department. Additionally, he has appeared in German Courts and in Swiss arbitration. In addition to his numerous legal duties, Mr. Elsen has also served Columbia Law School as an adjunct professor. Professionally, Mr. Elsen has served as the Vice President of the New York City Bar, chaired committees on Federal Legislation and Federal Courts for the New York City Bar, is a member of the Committee on International Commercial Disputes and Arbitration Club of New York. Due to his expertise, Mr. Elsen has been called upon by the media to comment of various legal developments. Mr. Elsen has also served as the Chief Counsel for the New York State Moreland Act Commission during a fiscal crisis.

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