Theresa K. Douskey

Top Professional of 2018

A graduate of Southern Connecticut State University, the University of New Haven, and the Grace New Haven School Nursing, Ms. Douskey has devoted her career to bettering the lives and health of those around her. Currently, Ms. Douskey is serving as a Nurse Care Manager for the Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut. The mission of the Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut is to empower older adults to remain in the community of their choosing, ensuring they have information and access to programs for financial security, protection against elder abuse, access to information for healthy aging, and eliminating ageism (discrimination based on age).

The Agency on Aging works under the Older Americans Act of 1965, an act created due to concern regarding the lack of community social services for elder persons. Today, the OAA is the driving force behind the organization and execution of services designed to protect the elderly. As apparent, work of this caliber requires a dedication to preserving the integrity and health of today’s elderly as well as the emotional strength and stability necessary to provide quality care to the elderly; qualities that Ms. Douskey has honed over the course of her career.