Roland P. Freund

Top Professional of 2018: Hall of Fame Retiree

For decades, Roland P. Freund has devoted himself to bettering the world around him. A Farm Management Agent attached to the Penn State Cooperative Extension, Mr. Freund specializes in assisting farmers with economic concepts regarding crop and livestock input selection and levels, crop budgets, cash rent determination, crop insurance, crop futures markets, and stress management with regard to the decision making process. Notably, Mr. Freund was experimenting with chemicals and determining their safeness. These findings were published in the 1990’s, citing that it was not necessarily the chemical composition of the products that contributed to their being lethal but the scale with which they were used (dose) with regard to livestock and crops. As he noted, in large enough doses, aspirin had the potential to be fatal, though that does not stop it from being used as an over the counter pain reliever. Although Mr. Freund is retired, he remains active in the field, contributing to the presentation “Economic Potential of Amish Dairy Systems” where the effectiveness and efficiency of Amish fairy farms was analyzed.