Dr. Michael A. Savin

Top Professional of 2018

“There is a very special and unique bond that develops between physician and patient when dealing with serious illnesses. I can’t imagine another profession that would let me know so well and care for people of such diverse backgrounds.”

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Savin has been praticing medicine for over thirty five years. After completing his internship and residency at Duke Univeristy Medical Center, Dr. Savin specialized in Hematology at the University of Washington. Devoted to helping his patients throughout exceptionally difficult times, Dr. Savin has enrolled numerous patients in clinical trials in an effort to better their treatment. Dr. Savin is an active clinical researcher, designing several clinical trials as well as managing a large-scale research program. His efforts have led to the development of a breast cancer chemotherapy regimen. This regimen would become standard in hospitals nationwide. Dr. Savin’s findings have been published as “Treatment parameters and outcome in 680 treatments of internal radiation with resin 90Y-microspheres for unresectable hepatic tumors..” and “Phase II study of weekly albumin-bound paclitaxel for patients with metastatic breast cancer heavily pretreated with taxanes..” . His dedication and commitment have not gone unrecognized. Dr. Savin has been named as one of Oncology’s Top Doctors 1992 , a Regional Top Doctor in 2014, and was honored by US Oncology Research for enrolling over one hundred patients in clinical trials.

Currently, Dr. Savin is the clinical medical director of the OHSU Knight Cancer. When not otherwise occupied with medical duties, Dr. Savin enjoys spending time with his family and indulging in the arts.