Twila Leflar-04 12 18 SPIN Nutrition

By April 13, 2018ARCHIVES


  • Linda says:

    Love it Twila !!!!!

  • Marilyn says:

    Very interesting! We are what we eat for sure. I have been going to a doctor of natural medicine since last August. I came to the conclusion that regular doctors only want to medicate and not prevent disease. It is expensive for me because the health System does it cover it. I found out that after al these years I am very allergic to eggs. I had quit all dairy products in May of last year but not eggs. I am gluten-free almost and do not eat much meat. Not sure if this is a good diet it I am trying to eat healthy. My spiritual well- being comes first with me though. Thx for sharing your interview with me. ❤️🙏

  • Bob says:

    Great interview! The personal perspective and healthy lifestyle approach is very helpful. I feel like I learned a lot about being more healthy just from this short interview. Thank you Twila!

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