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  • Minerva says:

    Thanks so much for this lovely opportunity.

  • Diane M Laverdure says:

    Good Job Holly and great to hear your voice or shall I say Minerva?
    Love Dee! :

  • Karo Georgeson says:

    Great Job Minerva ! Very much enjoyed the Interview and information about your teachings etc on minervascircle.com
    Karo G

  • Good job Holly ..,
    I enjoyed listening to your bio
    Rita 💇🏻

  • How lovely!!
    Thank you for mentioning me. Of all my dozens of students, Including Mari Omori, you are the only one who has ever admitted I helped you in development.
    I love your honesty. You are awesome and sweet.
    Blessings♥️ 🙏🏼♥️
    Lynda Jane Selina

  • Andree says:

    Minerva explains very clearly in this brief interview what connecting with Spirits is about, and indeed, this is something everyone can learn to do. It is at least what my own guides keep telling me!
    I met Minerva recently in one of her circle sessions and one of her guides suggested that I inquire who was the new guide that had been trying to reach out to me. I was also given other recommendations by another Spirit who specifically came through for the people present during this session to speak about music and voice.
    I learned to channel Spirit guides and teachers following years of journaling and self-inquiry and two meditation retreats, even if neither of these practices were intended for this purpose. In other words, I didn’t know that my persistent journaling practice would eventually lead me to channeling and that meditation would clear my mind enough to facilitate the channeling.
    I wasn’t aware that a new guide was attempting to connect with me when I met Minerva. I just thought my guides were sometimes showing up with an energy and a sense of humour I wasn’t familiar with. The thing with Spirit Guides is that if you don’t ask them, they don’t tell you. They can only help you if you ask for their support. But unless we know we have guides, we are not asking for help or for advice within. When I used to journal, I would often question myself, not realizing that there were many layers to “my Self”! The new guide I was introduced to through Minerva is a writing guide who is there to help me change the tone of my writing because I am apparently too serious when I write! 🙂
    If you are even only slightly curious, I strongly encourage you to connect with Minerva!

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